No vagrant soul

I am no vagrant soul,

no social ruminant,

I gaze into your eyes


kinship and echoes

of resonant joy.

I am no prisoner


in this aging shell

unwilling, unraveling, and unkempt;

instead a shining singing thing


Light and transforming flesh into illumination.

I will not perish but


beyond the darkness of fear,

into motes of light.

Anguish rev-2


I will never understand them,
never cease to fear them,
never find enough empathy,
to accept their poisonous Indifference.

Indifference to the injury, or death of a child
because of their skin color or national origin,
to lead in their water,
to the callous destruction
Of nature’s last sanctuaries.

It feels less like indifference than rage,
like murderous revenge;
a strike at those things accorded a beauty
‘They’ have never been able to feel.

A way to own, or at least deny others;
this abuse of anything, potentially an obstruction,
to their bottomless hunger, their burning lack,
the emptiness they try to fill With imagined victory
and an odd satisfaction in their ability
to evoke our grief.

Who will bring back The lost children
The missing species, the reviled refugees,
the Shriveled forests,
Or mend our kinship

What will you feel
When your lies are exposed
and the damage is irretrievable?
To whom will you reach out
Without finding everywhere

The anguish that is your legacy?

So Hope & Beauty Come Rev.1

There is much to fear.
Banks contrive to steal money;
Carmakers engineer deceit;
Politicians abandon moral stances
for name calling and a bitter accusations.

Whose heart lives that is not weeping?
Whence hope and where Solace
when the oceans are poisoned
and our food is twisted by science.

Still, I have only to stop,
for the length of three breaths,
to see beyond fear’s assertions,
opening for glimpses of goodness:

the face of an infant unmarked by travail;
an unexpected kindness;
the sound of strings in open air;
the warmth of the sun on my cheek;
A sweet scent on a spring breeze.

So hope and beauty come,
somehow more vivid in silence,
in numinous illumination,
transforming a dark landscape,
stark only a moment ago,
into delight.