Oh, mystery, that from dark and emptiness,

can come such joy, and with it endless


With faith unquestioned, we can in loving fly, from star to star across the endless sky.

Beyond the intimations, of your fear, lies joy to carry you across the years.

So, would you live to love, and not to grieve,

in truth you have, but only to believe.


The Tao

TAO. (Edited)

Let me stand in stillness, alone, 
but for the sound of my own breath; grace,falling from heaven like motes of light,

I had forgotten, again.
It is not mine to create peace, nor I who must find every solution.
I have only to walk the road that is given, the one that appears before me when I follow my breath,instant by instant, into the perfection with which my creator has gifted me.


‪Without fear all pains are small, Within it, none can be endured.‬

It takes little strength to keep faith, but much to find it.

With my brain I can fix things, but only with my heart can I truly help people.

If you teach condemnation you will harvest only bitterness.

Once we were a part of something together, yet now we have forgotten what it was.

Teach trust in life and reap joy.

(A quote from my dream): “Reach not into darkness for strength but into life.”


It is the right, and the responsibility of every citizen to refuse to participate with, or contribute to any enterprise whose operations diminish the freedom of any individual, or class of citizens, or that are, in principal, contrary to the spirit of equality and unity in this country.

Those who call such, ethical support for our principles, “cancel culture” are in collusion with unprincipled capitalism. They have no concerns about: children lacking food, families lacking medical care,

or eliminating women’s rights, yet seem to feel they have a mandate, directly from God, to oversee, and enforce their moral (sic) code, one based on a perverted and selectively edited version of classical Christianity, on all Americans.

Their moral authority is a pretense and a sham. They care nothing about morality, and they certainly care nothing about equality, dedicated as they are to their own financial and social elitism. They are in collusion with a system that is determined to destroy their accountability, free them from paying a fair share of the cost required to support the infrastructure in this country, and placing themselves beyond the reach of the rule of law.

Without a comprehensive prosecution of the crimes of last five years, we have no hope, in the short term, of restoring any real justice to the majority of the American people, or holding the politicians that are supposed to represent us as “public servants” accountable for the numerous crimes committed during and since the presidency of Donald Trump.

True patriotism does not require the unquestioning support of immoral ideologues, bent on social and financial domination, but rather the constant protection of equality and opportunity in equal measure for every American.

Don’t buy collusion and Republican lies!

Demand democracy!


I was exhausted: chasing shadows, hopes, accomplishments, recognition, and companionship.

My skin on fire, my spirit tortured, my heart, broken, and my growing age, a weary burden.

I left the world and began to pray. First a new Hope arose in me, a promising beginning sustained me, and after three years, Peace, began to grow within me.

More years went by, and after what seemed like an eternity, I found myself; beneath the layers of hopes and fears, the attempts to please, to fit, to succeed.

I found myself as my creator made me; whole, precious, blooming, imbued with light, and knew myself beautiful.


Our ancestors came to this country, murdered the indigenous people, and stole the land. Having escaped the tyranny of European aristocracies, and proving they had learned nothing, they imported slaves and built their economy on the backs of unpaid laborers.

Today we see the fruit of this immoral, irresponsible and inhumane behavior. One entire political party has given itself to dictators and tyrants around the world, in an effort to free the engine of commerce from the restraint of equitable government.

Our most recent ex president is on public record for having tried to coerce officials in Georgia and elsewhere into changing the vote to help him remain in office. The wife of Supreme Court Justice Thomas has been proven to have bussed insurrectionists to the capital attack. Billionaires control both news, and social media. Numerous congressional delegates, have been recorded, supporting the capital insurrection, and yet nothing is being done.

Today I left Twitter after years of fighting lies and speaking truth to try and counterbalance the onslaught of propaganda from Republican donors and sympathizers.

This is a warning note, there is an actual possibility that we will lose our freedom in the next election. Recent statements by Republicans around the country, have diminished the freedom of women, increased, racial tensions, escalated violence, and sidestepped or eluded accountability.

Musician. Joe Henderson said “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. Republicans are refusing subpoenas, and the wealthiest Americans are eluding justice.

Women have already lost significant freedoms, and statements by Republicans around the country indicate that this trend is to continue. The level of Cristo-Fascism and elitism has risen to the point where we are in danger of losing our democracy.

Make no mistake, and the current Republicans will destroy the environment, and reduce the working American to serfdom. If you don’t fight back now, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Research, fact, check, find the truth and stand for it, you may not get another chance.

The history of light part #2

The year passed by too quickly, for my pain to make its own impressions clear,
Almost too fast to feel the weight, and strain,
and pay the growing cost of age, and time.

When life has weight like sodden winter wool,
perseverance and all my efforts fail,
the day arrives when suddenly again,
the way it is, is not, nor long has been.

Now I am tired bone deep, soul deep and hear
surrender’s call to leave this task and rest
far from the strategies of empty days
where power’s pride of steals light from every

Defeat, a fear I never thought to feel
whispers of things that time may come to steal,
pecks at my heart to take my peace away
life loses light, stolen from every day.

For dignity and independence due
To finds my life’s work, all I asked of you.
Perhaps a time of rest nearer the end
to sleep and rise whenever I should choose,
to visit friends and buy small gifts to send.

Sweet lies are these, acceptance, peace and
while principals are parted soon from those
who leave them whenever they find it best 
to modify their feelings for their goals.

Fear, absent from me for so many years,
in shaken trust of kindness reappeared.
after the darkened days and constant rain,
I venture, though still fearful, out again.

In arrogance soothed pain I thought it true,
to spend my days brooding in distain
But now I work at finding work to do
And treasure what I find in every day.

Life sends each butterfly upon its way
and makes me diamonds of the grasses dew.
As beauty soothes the scars of fear away,
I go on seeking rainbows in the day
and crying out my sorrow the night through. Bright faith, the blessing of my winding way
that brings me ever safe and home again,

Discouraged, Yet I’ll not refuse a smile
to see injustice try, then fall and fail,
with every infant’s smile or petal’s bloom,
while nights call me to howl at summers moon.

My sometimes cursed, yet always blessed life
weaves on, a path this orphan must pursue,
stumbling amiss yet never lost, I leap,
across the dark, wrapped in protected light.

Though all my thoughts may lead me to
all damage done, the darkest moment come,
my witness will report in truth that these
were swept aside by passing butterflies.

The trailing end of two weeks constant rain,
brought me the sun to lead me out again,
tested yet still with every passing year
alive, and blessed by those brilliant rays.

A Tear and a Smile V-2

The late summer days are the color of honey.
The touch of their light always stops me in time.
Like sepia pictures of the heart of forever,
The amber touched memories of my moments in time.

Walking this dirt road thats hardened by travel
where wagons with horses and tractors have run,
the few cars I see have no patience to linger,
and leave me in silence with the late summer hum.

Here in my home entwined within silence,
A melody to which I sleep and I wake
Where all of my moments are as short as a lifetime,
And light full of Amber until winter breaks.

The days that move by me so quickly grow weeks
as I stroll through the silence picking bouquets of weeds
the blossoms of wildflowers that bloom only in silence,
away from the barren black ribbons of streets.

At night I read stories finding worlds I can wander
too long reluctant to put them away
I rise for espresso that I make in the machine
I bought for five dollars on a rummage sale day.

It may sound kind of quiet to those that don't know me
Never seeing me walk by with the light in my eye
A soldier, a pirate, a prophet, a peasant,
riding tall waves of feeling in golden fall light.

I was born to ride wild, untamed, and unruly,
winds caress cools me to wash my heart clean.

It all feels so simple and so free between worries
the choice to live safely or stay forever free.

An open heart blends in the collage of amber
that glows in my memory from year unto year,
the sunflower fields and the mums brighten dooryards,
these familiar companions are forever dear.

Someone in passing will stop for a while,
their wind burnished faces reflect sweet October light,
lifetime companions I'll forever treasure
who stopped in for the sharing of a tear and a smile.