The Mystery of Light -part 1

The light makes the edges of the curtains look sun touched,
despite flood warnings,
constant rain, and grey skies.

Grief tests my heart
for courage , commitment, conviction,
for the capacity to believe
that all change is not loss.

Transformation, I wonder,
can I believe that courage, conviction and commitment will lead me to
a future in which love remains.

I n which I have something to give
something with meaning that touches
life and leaves it better for that touch, Fills it with the same light as a smile.

Perhaps like the parody, of rainbows in a lawn sprinkler, is it only an illusion, this dream that light lives, that fate cares, that loving intent creates beauty.

despite the inertia my world is bruised
by a lifetime of war, by the surrender of so many, by the loss of their light, youth, lives, and hope.

By light accursed by our will, conjured,
to slay Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
as if it were true that victory
Is whatever slays those who threaten
my prosperity.

I am tired again, It happens more often, more easily, and yet for today,
the light on my curtains is enough
to help me remember the beauty of light for generations to come.


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