Growing Up in America


I remember resting nested in the safety

of invisible struggles, our parents burdens,

troubled only by endless movement, new

rules and dad’s anger.  But we survived.


Later, they told us to hide under our desks

after showing slides of Hiroshima that

made desks seem like a futile refuge.

I never realized till now that we stopped after

Kennedy’s assassination.  But we had passion.


Now we are divided in a new civil war

of Red and blue, politicians vie for votes,

promising prosperity, having forgotten

dignity and ethics.  What do we have?


The first black President silently administrates

fulfilling an ancient dream, under daily assault,

he works, the media overlooking the greatest healing

of modern times.  We have no heart.


Actors ascend political ladders,

Corporatocracy rules, technology distracts,

Americans torture and initiate war,

all in the silence preceding?  We are empty.


News vanishes, talking heads entertain,

Powerful people deny ecological reality

most choose inclusion and liquidity over

Integrity and poverty, we are fearful.


Lincoln is dead, the Kennedy’s are dead

Martin Luther king is dead, John Lennon is dead

Let they who have no secrets dare to speak

from lives stored in the ever growing cloud,

scrutinized for data and leverage, we are silenced.


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