The other day I went to the store.

The old kind where people stop and talk,

where the vegetables frequently come,

from less than 5 miles away, and we still number

fewer than one thousand, after 21 years.


Having been to an interview I still wore

my dress clothes, a suit coat and tie.

Disguised as an indigenous species

from a world other than my own.


Reaching the door I held it for a man,

he thanked me, I noticed his surprise,

intense gratitude, and emotional eyes.

Seeing his clothes I Realized that he was homeless,

I understood that he had expected no courtesy

and that I had no conditions for offering it.


We both smiled and he thanked me,

with warmth, genuine gratitude,

as only the best of men in any clothes

always remember to do.


2 thoughts on “Equality

  1. EQUALITY IS SUPBERB! You’ve put words to feelings & situations we are almost never able to verbalize successfully. Would you like to have a line editor look at it?


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