A Tear and a Smile ( first edit)


The late summer days are the color of honey.
The touch of their light always stops me in time.
Like sepia pictures of the heart of forever,
The amber touched memories of my moments in time.

Walking this dirt road thats hardened by travel
where wagons with horses and tractors have run,
the few cars I see have no patience to linger,
and leave me in silence with the late summer hum.

Here in my home entwined within silence,
A melody to which I sleep and I wake
Where all of my moments are as short as a lifetime,
And light full of Amber unill winter breaks.

The days that move by me so quickly grow weeks
as I stroll through the silence picking blossoms of weeds
the blossoms of wildflowers that bloom only in silence,
away from the barren black ribbons of streets.

at night I read stories finding worlds I can wander
Staying too long reluctant to put them away
Then I rise for espresso that I make in the machine
I bought for five dollars on a rummage sale day.

It may sound kind of quiet to those that don’t know me
Never seeing me walk by with the light in my eye
A soldier a pirate a prophet a peasant,
riding tall waves of feeling in golden fall light.

I was born just to ride these, wild, untamed, and unruly,
they gather around me and wash my heart clean, 
It all feels so simple and so free between worries
the choice to live safely or stay forever free.

An open heart blends in the collage of amber
that glows in my memory from year unto year,
the sunflower fields and the mums brighten dooryards,
these familiar companions are forever dear.

then someone in passing will stop for a while,
their wind burnished faces reflect sweet October light,
lifetime companions I’ll forever treasure
who stopped in for the sharing of a tear and a smile.


2 thoughts on “A Tear and a Smile ( first edit)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it and comment. I can’t tell from all the different addresses and words on this page where your blog address is. Please Send it to me so I can go back and look at your work. Alex

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