Pouting poets proliferate pointless pontification
Feeling flees forsaken fractured fondness
Expectantly escaping emotions evisceration
Sadly seeking silences solace
Altruism awaits arrogances annihilation
Vehement victory validates vices vending violation

Empathy vanishes self protectively
Seeking safety from censure.



Unlike religion, faith has no dogma
no daunting hierarchy or special day.
Only patience, and the belief
that even without interference,
existence has great meaning.

The work of life continues and
the director, unnamed, remains.
Invisible to human eyes,
though reflected clearly enough
within them.



The poet brings not hurt or woe
save when the reader makes it,
but shares a sight found true within
turned into song to shape it.

If in the words you find that pain
arises as you sing it,
greet your tears with gratitude
your heart had strength to bring it.

Tho If you’re sure as sure can be
that cruelty is the poet,
just close the page, then step away
and add no voice to sow it.

Remember if you find a need
responding to chastise one
that you have left off caring to
make anger your companion.

when anger and defiance arise
perhaps instead of finding flaw
You’ll write a poets missive to
affirm again the timeless law.

What you can give, do give away
greet wrath without demanding
for cruelty is but pain denied
till healed by understanding.

slavnĂ˝ slib ( unedited)

Each time my heart sings then I cry
for all the greetings and goodbyes
My warm tears at the birth inside
Tell me this is the meaning of living.

Each moment comes and then goes by
The works not done I’ll have to try
to gather the courage one more time
to follow my heart into singing.

Sometimes a tune to celebrate
A Psalm above an empty plate
I need the song I just can’t wait
To gather the strength for forgiving.

Whether alone or out with friends
I watch for one who won’t pretend
that time can wait and life won’t end
Loves the only healing for sorrow.

Its always been the hardest part
to trust in strength here in the dark
to wrest from faith another spark
to light my way into tomorrow.

For years I thought I’d never know
Life flew to fast, love came to slow
Till you reflected my eyes aglow
With the gift of all I had gathered.

It’s not who we hold in the dark
trust’s always been the hardest part
we Knew we’d finish if we started
Love’s more than I had understood
It’s true that all things work for good
I promise.