slavný slib ( unedited)

Each time my heart sings then I cry
for all the greetings and goodbyes
My warm tears at the birth inside
Tell me this is the meaning of living.

Each moment comes and then goes by
The works not done I’ll have to try
to gather the courage one more time
to follow my heart into singing.

Sometimes a tune to celebrate
A Psalm above an empty plate
I need the song I just can’t wait
To gather the strength for forgiving.

Whether alone or out with friends
I watch for one who won’t pretend
that time can wait and life won’t end
Loves the only healing for sorrow.

Its always been the hardest part
to trust in strength here in the dark
to wrest from faith another spark
to light my way into tomorrow.

For years I thought I’d never know
Life flew to fast, love came to slow
Till you reflected my eyes aglow
With the gift of all I had gathered.

It’s not who we hold in the dark
trust’s always been the hardest part
we Knew we’d finish if we started
Love’s more than I had understood
It’s true that all things work for good
I promise.


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