The mist that lingers on the sloping hill,
slides down to pool and hide the town below
Slaking each flower and leaf till it descends,
to kiss the the gnarled root and rippled rill.

Then morning sun’s kiss raises
It once more,
to wash the dusty air and weave white fleece,
To paint cloud’s cooling shadows
on the air.
and bring with dusk the coming evening’s grace

I seek that shade in moving through my tasks,
And wipe my labors moisture from my face,




A crazy kind of song for a wiseman,
maybe that’s just a side effect of sight
From watching oil rising on the wave tops
I hear the dying whisper in the night

I wonder just how many of them know that
it’s not just another liberal kind of spin
we’re talking about the future of
Our children
did you feel the end of all we love begin.

Someday When there’s no miracle of science
when all the children’s futures are assured
You can sell the devil your commitment
Tell everyone you meet there you concurred.

You Swear that you were working for the people,
swear you warned them all but
no one heard.
When you finally get down to your time for screaming
They’ll find you screaming help me I concurred.

So just one time before your life has ended
Pray for grace before the ending day
My soul’s a poem wider than your scheming
I’ll take no pleasure as you fade away

Poets sing to the light to show the pathway
dreaming songs to burn the veil away
When we pass away beyond all human memory
Will we find you’ve passed entirely away?



I knew it would happen.
We drove separate cars
on to the college campus:

The radio broadcast played
“childs song to both of us.
We arrived together and parked
she in laughter, I in tears.

Soon after I heard her
give her dorm address
As her home address,
It’s hard to let go.

Everyone says it,
her success is also mine
So why doesn’t sharing
feel less like heartbreak?

Some things take time
like turning my heart
from fatherhood to
give birth to poetry.

A good first step but
one that requires strength
like climbing steep stairs
or opening a frightened heart.

Still, I noticed that
at the end of my effort
I had recovered joy and
Both children were with me.