When did power overtake integrity
In popularity?

Was it the same day that The little prince became a silly book,

When did kindness and honesty become the traits of losers,

the characteristics of those who got what they deserved?

When did honesty become tactless

and the expression of individual values,

become the inability to be a team player?

When did we stop watching for heroes and believing we might find them?

When did feelings become a problem rather than a solution?

When did public conversation about water-boarding

become acceptable in the United States,

or the fact that we never start wars become a lie?

When did American leadership abandon all altruism

and turn completely to arrogance?

When did becoming wealthy become more important,

than becoming who you feel you were meant to be?

On what day did we justify the fact that our need for safety

was greater than our need for integrity,

and begin believing that the art of war was,

A better book than to kill a Mockingbird.

When did the drive to produce improved profits

Begin to justify depriving workers of adequate wages?

When did the improvement of human quality-of-life cease to be a priority,

and those who refused to pay the price for advancement

begin to be viewed as obstructive?

On what day did the subtle fear that if you didn’t conform you would pay a price

become an almost invisible part of your life,

and on what day did you accept that that’s just the way things are.

Most importantly perhaps, on what day will our desire for life without fear awaken us,

will time with loved ones, and with fair compensation

once again become part of our lives?

For on that day we will be begin to treasure the art of living above the art of war,

When success is counted in the quality of your heart

and not in the number that represents the balance in your IRA.

When the value of becoming equal exceeds that of becoming superior,

when caring and sharing offers greater pleasure than being rich,

then we will return to becoming human and humane

and companionship rather than wealth,

will ease our fear of death.

For we will be assured in that moment, that someone

will always be there to hold our hand .


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