A sound unknown to those who never dare,
to love themselves in naked blood and breath.
nor fall in laughter to the sun soaked ground
or feel their life the more rare for knowing death.

Uncalled, by silence to the twisted trees
to places still untouched by ordered fate
beside the pool in marsh or rippled rill
in silence for the imminent to wait.

Alone, unchosen in the world of sound
the voice of fear unclear and unexpressed
my silence hostage to uncertainty
while anxiousness played havoc in my breast.

Till I met death whose perfect silence shone
in light and welcome beyond all I had known
I wept to hear that I was once again
cast out once more to leave my silent home.

What I feared then I now rarely recall
but rather listen to the changing wind
that as the seasons fly their circles round
quiets to bring the birdsong gently in.

Silence offers still the sweetest sound
broken only by laughter sweet and bright
to counterpoint the song that silence sings,
as life’s bright music fills endless night.



6 thoughts on “Silence

  1. It is a truly, well, I must say beautiful in the absence of the right word, especially the last stanza, which gave a majestic crescendo to your ‘Silence’. Poem plays the music of wind, laughter, and other sounds of life, as well as the peaceful silence in between. And there is, always present, majestic Lady with the scythe, and we all are waiting in awe the day when we’ll dive in her ‘perfect silence’, Thank you for sharing this wonderful peace. Respectfully, Katarina.


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and for giving me this feedback. Perhaps you understand how much it means to me to have the support that only comes from seeing the reflection of my work in someone else’s response.



  2. I’m constantly trying to befriend ‘silence’ in my life. Silence is a fickle friend, and like a carrot on a stick, has seemed for years an impossible dream. But as my spirit grows, silence has deemed fit to come closer to me, to let me taste it, rest in its shadow, and even allowed me to embrace it at times. Sometimes it becomes afraid and runs away again, when I move too quickly, when it sees me give in to m whims, my wants, my love of distractions- silence flees my madness. But with time it seems to be want to draw closer, as if I’ve proved my friendship, as If I’m ready, or even, possibly as if it knows I need it…
    I loved this piece on silence…


    1. Thank you so much for sharing this. It took me many years to love the silence. Now it lives with me on a Mtn top at the end of a long dirt road where the stars are bright and the moose and Bear are neighbors.


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