A thought for Women’s day


A Thought For Women’s Day

A little late but you’ll forgive me
I have never lived in time.
No one ever taught me anything about women,
except for Kathy who touched my heart
by asking me to teach her to
jump off the top of the slide into a sandpile
because no one else had.

It’s not as if I haven’t learned anything,
my desire to mate taught me a litte
but almost nothing about women.
Abstinence, forgiveness, and solitude
have been better instructors.

I hope you won’t make fun of me
for having learned so little,
Or learning so slowly.
Men are and have a point
but know no world
in which they can express it.
Women I think are the endless circle
including all possibilities.

Men seem to Start wars
as if war could be a creative act
and acquiring a kingdom have more significance
than just the murder of so many children
brought into the the world by women.

But I have faith, in the end
women will discover the point is within themselves
and men that the world is.
Perhaps then we will find equality
and the love between us
will take less than a lifetime to find.

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