Today let me weep,
my heart lies in dry sand
with no moisture to comfort it.

Today let me sleep
that I might rest until,
greed abates and compassion returns.

Today give me strength,
for I will not accept,
the poisoned power of anger,
though I tire and my courage falters.

Today fill my eyes with beauty,
that I might have respite
from the fear and denial
that seems to pervade the world around me.

Today hold me like a friend,
like a loved one,
that I may have companionship,
and know love will not abandon me,
Even when I am lost.

Today sing to me,
Of the blessings I have received
That I might remember gratitude
Rather than embrace despair.

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Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes filled with stillness
meet mine at the farmers market.
I suddenly realize I have been seen,
and remember why,
some people hold so much meaning for me.

Silence is so sweet, mocking the currents,
offense, defense, distrust, anger, fear,
all replaced by interest and attention.

You reminded me of love, real love,
to be held in someone’s heart and eyes,
in-trust, embodied as meaningful,
in the sweet silence of connection.

So many lovers wrapped in each others arms,
are doomed to part, having forgotten
the simple skill of watching another,                                                with appreciation.

Afraid to notice that wonder has fled,
that familiarity has been forgotten,
and that meaning, the sweet and silent sense
of wonder, has gone on to seek bolder souls,

While appreciation, an unspoken spiritual embrace,
finds me courageous enough to notice, your beautiful eyes.

Heyoka Smile

It shook me when I understood,
they wanted to hurt me,
I set out, determined
to find my flaws and correct them.

It confused me when I understood
they didn’t know how to love me.
I set out to find a place
in which love was not unknown.

It frightened me when I understood
the emptiness surrounding me
was the reflection of my fear,
and pain the touch of broken shards
of a heart that would not weep.

One day I climbed a mountain top
to ask Your help to find my way,
you sent me two tornadoes down
to dance around me on that peak.

Despite my fear I would not run
I had no home in emptiness
I’ll choose to die before I flee
instead they blew away my fear
and my surrender set me free.

Now like the winds face
etched on the surface of a pond
I am only a reflection,
Your fear in rude flesh
a clown, invisible, an old man,
frighteningly clear,
Perhaps crazy, and yet;

If you look closely at my eyes
you will notice,
that deep within them
behind your reflection,
I am smiling, in love.

Picture from sudden-death