Hazel Eyes

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes filled with stillness
meet mine at the farmers market.
I suddenly realize I have been seen,
and remember why,
some people hold so much meaning for me.

Silence is so sweet, mocking the currents,
offense, defense, distrust, anger, fear,
all replaced by interest and attention.

You reminded me of love, real love,
to be held in someone’s heart and eyes,
in-trust, embodied as meaningful,
in the sweet silence of connection.

So many lovers wrapped in each others arms,
are doomed to part, having forgotten
the simple skill of watching another,                                                with appreciation.

Afraid to notice that wonder has fled,
that familiarity has been forgotten,
and that meaning, the sweet and silent sense
of wonder, has gone on to seek bolder souls,

While appreciation, an unspoken spiritual embrace,
finds me courageous enough to notice, your beautiful eyes.


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