Today let me weep,
my heart lies in dry sand
with no moisture to comfort it.

Today let me sleep
that I might rest until,
greed abates and compassion returns.

Today give me strength,
for I will not accept,
the poisoned power of anger,
though I tire and my courage falters.

Today fill my eyes with beauty,
that I might have respite
from the fear and denial
that seems to pervade the world around me.

Today hold me like a friend,
like a loved one,
that I may have companionship,
and know love will not abandon me,
Even when I am lost.

Today sing to me,
Of the blessings I have received
That I might remember gratitude
Rather than embrace despair.

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3 thoughts on “PRAYER

    1. Thank you. It’s hard both to deal with, and to share the hard times. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be happy most of the time. Of course when it hits it hits hard. Having been a single-parent my youngest daughter is without question one of the greatest experiences of my life. This year, the end of her second year in college; is the first year she is ever kept a job near University and not planned on coming home during the summer. Several of the things came up and I found myself in a grieving process. To cut to bottom-line, your support was really helpful; thank you for the positive feedback.


    2. Thanks, I never know when the next inspiration is going to come along but I always enjoy it when it does and will post it as soon as I am aware of it.


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