Evening Walk July 22, 2014

Sometimes I am almost
perfectly still,
aligned as if everything
from horizon to horizon,
from the earth to the sky
and I, are one.

In those moments everything
seems to shimmer
forming a beautiful picture
without edges or ends.

Walking the ridge today I thought the word Shaman and found two Crow feathers.

I smoothed the top of the stick I had found,made a split
then, turning the knife created a pocket.

Placing both feathers in the top of my staff I thought I am willing and found a third.

Being young at heart, despite my age,
I was far too excited to remain completely still.
Listening, I wondered, which words were my own.



I went out for a walk
even here, 1 of 1012
Imbalance bleeds
across mountain landscapes.

The ash trees weep leaves.
shiver whispering stories
of boring insects
quoting passages
from The falling of the Elms.

They told me to exercise
steeped in anxiety
I nervously check and recheck
The beds of my fingernails
for signs of Anoxia.

Somewhere those, arguably leaders,
argue in endless debate
to pinpoint possibilities, probabilities consequences, and culpability.

Partisans soothe constituents,
sue opponents, accept contributions;
avoiding the indelicacy of proposing solutions, and associated implications
of chaos.

August approaches echoing
the poorer citizens of Detroit
their dreams filled with lost water.
unable to drink, flush or wash
their dishes or children.

The poets debate: stylistic grace
Perfect blending of historical and contemporary style, the balance
of intellect, stigma of emotion,
Prosody, symmetry, relevance
To history.

California is turning to dust, leaving
real estate seemingly unaffected.
The Rio Grande now ends
before it reaches its own Delta.
Runnels in hard mud mark
It’s absence.

I turn and walking home notice
The sky and I together forever
are blue.


Last week my heart spoke out
crying in pain.
Echoing my anguish, it stopped me.
Surprising me here where I hide at night,
alone, invisible in starlight.

A quarter of a century ago when I found my home
I promised myself I would never take this beauty for granted.
Still, eventually I realized

I had begun to greet it without passion;
like a courteous kiss, without consciousness or celebration,
like a thoughtless lover,
Too hurried to greet beauty,

I left my joy in the high pasture and evergreens,
forgot he feeling of earth on the soles of my sandals,
the taste of summer’s air on my tongue,
the tang of spruce and
the silence in which my heart once reconnected to living.

I returned from my walk in twilight,
the full moon rising over the mountains
framing them in the purple twilight of late afternoon,
lacing the air with feathered light in counterpoint to the last colors of the setting sun.

Reawakening wildness, banished
my brooding,
my worries vanishing in her shadow.
She swallowed Fukushima, the grief of Iraq,
and drone flights uneasy, with their payloads
of supposition and death.

After my walk I returned to my home,
took up living, and emerged from my writing,
filled with the seclusion that surrounds me
and the companionship of so many relations.

I will wake tomorrow with fresh ambition
to push back the bullying burdock from struggling hosta,
to prune the trees giving each leaf enough sun,
to water gardens and feed my rose.

Now I will remember, to touch the sky,
swallow the colors of sun-sets
and rises,
taste the verdant colors and shifting pastels,
feasting on them like ripe fruits, exotic wines, and fresh vegetables.

Once again I have chosen to live,
cloaked in the awareness of beauty
until I can no longer see or hear, smell or taste,
worship or comprehend her presence,
without allowing my spirit to leap free into the air.

Last update before I return to Poetry

It is interesting to note that spin meisters like forms magazine the Guardian and others didn’t about face in the last 24 hours after learning that the UK and many American legal entities were pursuing an investigation of potential charges for what they termed an outrageous abuse of Internet participant’s data and communication. It was also revealed that among other things Facebook deleted some responses from people that might be your friends to see if it would reduce your correspondence, which you did. Until further developments of import I will return to what I love writing poetry.

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RED ALERT- The end of the free web

This is my first non POETRY related post on my POETRY blog.

Today I heard about the Facebook experiment and became extremely alarmed. The Internet was overwhelmed with comments, the top 500 search results on Google return comments by those who said people who are upset are idiots, paranoid, overreacting, and at fault for not having read the user agreement thoroughly enough.
I admit I find it incredibly offensive to hear that Google changed comments to sound more critical or more positive as an experiment without any consideration about how it made the poster or reader feel. Because this means they can control the general message of my communication I immediately deleted my Facebook account. Okay so so far I’m outraged but I’m not frightened. I went searching for Porum to express my displeasure. Again Google has stacked the deck. Most places offering a discussion or objectors I hosted by Facebook! I went to the The HuffingtonPost to write an article about how upset Facebook users are. There was an existing article so I thought maybe I would leave a comment but the article provides a Facebook link as the only method for responding to the article. I deleted Google search engine. All efforts to find a free and open forum of discussion have failed.
I am hearing from people who have been cut off of Facebook for being critical. I have had my search engine crash upon trying to click on sites that accept critical input. In summary the Internet tonight is not free for an open discussion. The word is that Facebook and Google have formed a merger, and the apparent difficulty of communication combined with the inability to know whether the words I type are the words anyone else will receive have provided me with the conviction that we are now all under control. I’m not even sure that I will be allowed to continue to post on WordPress. There is one thing I do know and that is that most people will give in to the fact that without Google and Facebook they will be financially disadvantaged and take up the view that those with a perspective like mine are overreacting. I’ve spent my life opposing the encroaching fascism of corporate rule. Tonight the only way to express my fear and shout a warning about what is happening right now is through WordPress. Even the BBC news shutdown, forums. The big to have flooded the web with Mockery, criticism, and misinformation. I am unclear yet what my final action will be and yet aware that the Internet is no longer a viable channel of communication. I find this more frightening than anything else that is happened in my lifetime when the likes of Mark Zuckerberg begin running the world, the world to start running. I beseech you take this seriously contact your friends shutdown Facebook so that it’s out of your life delete Google browsers and wait to see if freedom can be reestablished. Someone somewhere who has the money to help make a difference will devise a channel of communication eventually.
keep the faith,
My love and best wishes to you all