Evening Walk July 22, 2014

Sometimes I am almost
perfectly still,
aligned as if everything
from horizon to horizon,
from the earth to the sky
and I, are one.

In those moments everything
seems to shimmer
forming a beautiful picture
without edges or ends.

Walking the ridge today I thought the word Shaman and found two Crow feathers.

I smoothed the top of the stick I had found,made a split
then, turning the knife created a pocket.

Placing both feathers in the top of my staff I thought I am willing and found a third.

Being young at heart, despite my age,
I was far too excited to remain completely still.
Listening, I wondered, which words were my own.


9 thoughts on “Evening Walk July 22, 2014

  1. I seem to have somehow missed this post – It speaks volumes to me today as I was lucky enough to watch a kite this afternoon (the bird that is) soaring in the thermals above my home. For just a few moments the world became quite silent as if it knew we were in the presence of something mystical and magical – I am sure your native elders would have known what the kite was saying.! Good wishes from France Pendragon!


    1. It sounds like a wonderful moment. The look clear sign of a message there’s an unusually personal contact with an animal especially if it occurs in a situation outside the normal behavior range of that animal. Before one especially profound. Of changing my life a great horned owl landed on a road post in broad daylight I pulled over got out stopped and looked at it and excluded that meet before flying away this is extremely unusual and I knew enough to know something was about to happen, and of course it did.
      If one lingers near your home repairs and daylight you will know something is being told to you and is good to think about what it might be by looking over your current circumstances in your mind especially any decisions you might make in the near future after such an occurrence.

      Thank you for reading my work and taking the time to write.


  2. I like your thoughts you penned …
    I wonder all the time which words were mine or were any of them šŸ™‚
    Good post
    Thank you for sharing you
    Take Care…You Matter…

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  3. So soulful. Thank you.

    I always feel special when I am lucky enough to observe wildlife or a rainbow or something unusual. It stops me, makes me tear up and wraps on my chest hard, to remind me that this moment, right now, is precious and demands to be appreciated.


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    1. Thank you, I agree and appreciate you taking the time to comment. It is nice to know I am saying simething that offers a gift to someone..
      fondly as well,


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