Old News ( Written for trayvon revised and reposted for Michael)


IMG_0673.JPGAnother young man dies
Is it so precious, so critical
to establish blame
that we have no time
to spare for grieving.

Perhaps arguing is only
what we choose to do
because we have lost:
the vision to see
the strength to change and
the courage to weep.

Understanding awaits us
on the other side of conflict
and loss welcomes all who love
the final proof of it’s immortality.

We learn to love alone or in small numbers,
Yet when we truly learn to weep
we are forever as one.

Gratitude. ( and an apology to those with whom I have not yet spoken.)

I fear I will never catch up with all The emails I want to send to each of you.
So, I am taking this moment to tell you that your time and the fact that you would return to read what I have written is a precious gift which I never take for granted. You are my companions on the road of seeking, self-expression, communication, friendship, and sharing, and I hold each of you as meaningful in my heart.



Like the night sounds that sometimes
startle me into waking,
their words erupt from polite conversation
unexpectedly threatening.

Communication is suddenly hemmed
with the ragged edges of dissonance,
disembarking insensitive sentences,
bleeding discord into shared space.

As if it was a victory to startle us,
the objects of their distress, into silence;
or at the least nullify imagined accusations,
by uncovering ire.

In either case the secret,
is to awaken,
transforming monsters back
into harmless noises in the dark.