3 thoughts on “Haiku #20

  1. Alexander, I think words have different meanings for different people. To me your words talked of stillness at two levels…1) frozen stillness (fear) of what is to come (due to previous experiences in life) – this can be life changing as perspectives and paths may take a drastically different form and 2) An understanding that life is harsh. This brings about a ‘stillness’ – Giving up – (which probably is so deep that even the warmth of spring cannot revive it). The path that was ‘supposed’ to be walked upon is drastically changed as the soul gives up. Hardships win the battle…and a soul yields to its earthly limitations. Both of these levels might look alike but are different fears/levels that a person might go through, because of different reasons.

    It is very possible that, that’s not what you intended to convey but as I said before the words speak differently to each one of us and that’s what they whispered to me 🙂 Thank you for putting this one out here ❤


    1. Thank you Rachna. I never know how similar what my readers read is to what I think I’m writing. If you are of a mind to explain, I would love to know what you meant by different.


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