Dawning time

For fear or awe of dawning time,

for glimpse of life in song or rhyme,

I can but trust returning bliss

and banish fears that would resist.

For in the end laughter and tears

are closer friends than they appear,

and we who judge one more or less

are lost in thought who might be blessed.


5 thoughts on “Dawning time

  1. Beautiful as usual. I loved Robin Williams, and as a fellow sufferer of depression, can understand his struggle and eventual succumbing to it. Like addiction, depression cannot be overcome, only managed and withstood, but sometimes the struggle is too hard. I will miss Mr. Williams. He was a true genius.



    1. He was amazing. It is so hard to live with a heart that feels so fully in a world has closed it’s heart. It takes tremendous physical and emotional strength. Sharing with others like you, who understand, provides companionship and helps me stay strong. We are all stronger together.


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