Art – Veronica Reyes @ Pinterest

I measure my life by distances
diminished or increased,

which choices are most actively
disturbing or embracing peace.

Observing the dichotomy
of dilettante and dedicate

I test my love with diligence
finding my balance delicate.

Those choices deleterious
determination will dismiss,

the didact when insidious
questions my faith and will insist,

all altruists are perfidious
when finding fortune is at stake,

deriding love and loyalty
as fantasies that dissipate.

Division would diminish me
Taking me far from all I seek.

I seek peace in divinity
direction from the Infinite.

I choose to follow with delight
In truth bides no exception,

The seeker guided by the light
looks inward for direction.

A Keen Grasp of the Oblivious

Art- The Ship of fools
Exhibition by Pieter Vermeulen & Christophe Clarijs


Perspicacity has taken a flight to Wales, a place few of us know anything about.

Multiple sites offer advice. How to travel generic pathways to inauspicious success.

Six clicks in, learn five ways to. The third pop up on the left holds the secret to Internet immortality.

The collective unconscious retired to an undisclosed location following the
ascendance of individual unconsciousness which now boasts 92% participation worldwide.

The Kardashians were devastated to discover they had not received an invitation to Armageddon.

Apple announced today they’re releasing a new chip the I 66 capable of processing faster than linear time.

The new chip will be released featuring a broadcast of the end before it happens.

I kiss the tears from the eyes of a great blue heron, holding her in this small valley of trees and listening fearfully for the sound of machinery.




Your scent of rose, your song beyond all ken,
your light, the sun of life, that touched my skin,
let me awaken to your touch once more,
I close my eyes, I pray my sight restored.

Restrain my fear reveal its arrogance,
waken me to the lie that I could change,
what you bestowed before I left your hand,
untainted and unchanged remains.

Kindle my spirit lead my heart to grow,
to share in light the whole of life to know.
Bear me again with wonder through the night,
my soul whole by your grace, restored in sight.

Fulfilled in you let my reflected glow,
be kindled bright to heal as you will guide,
Give me the words to banish and to bless,
send me with strength and by charity blessed.

Send me with light to pierce the fear born dreams,
to heal the forests and the running streams,
let me convey your nearness and presence
sounding the end of fear’s long precedence.

Radiant spirit unveiled by willing joy,
Embodiment of love too great to hold,
your presence is the sweetest sound of all,
your light gives lie to darkness in my soul.

Return to me and lift me once again,
I swear to bear your love without complaint,
accepting all forgiveness has proclaimed,
to bear unending joy without restraint.

On quiet nights beneath stars whispered light,
I’ll slip away to seek a quiet grove,
To rest once more with elder and with oak,
touching the truth you offer all to hold.

To shed these earthen shards for what remains,
revealed as starlight, mercifully unchanged,
To sing once more the words that kindle light,
the timeless paean from the heart of life,