A Keen Grasp of the Oblivious

Art- The Ship of fools
Exhibition by Pieter Vermeulen & Christophe Clarijs


Perspicacity has taken a flight to Wales, a place few of us know anything about.

Multiple sites offer advice. How to travel generic pathways to inauspicious success.

Six clicks in, learn five ways to. The third pop up on the left holds the secret to Internet immortality.

The collective unconscious retired to an undisclosed location following the
ascendance of individual unconsciousness which now boasts 92% participation worldwide.

The Kardashians were devastated to discover they had not received an invitation to Armageddon.

Apple announced today they’re releasing a new chip the I 66 capable of processing faster than linear time.

The new chip will be released featuring a broadcast of the end before it happens.

I kiss the tears from the eyes of a great blue heron, holding her in this small valley of trees and listening fearfully for the sound of machinery.


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