Dark matter


The expenditure of our energy, in relationship to work we understand clearly,
whether accomplished, or necessary but as yet undone.

Yet little note that which we expend on resistance,
opposing that to which we will not yield,
be it duty, gravity, or grace.

Seeing our lack of initiative far differently, than concession to anothers purpose.

Inertia is the aftermath of creative expression
while all we are and do and know
our vector and it’s afterglow.

Entropy, the womb-like darkness
surrounding this pebble of blue and green,
pulls our seed into a greatness
as yet unimaginable.


4 thoughts on “Dark matter

  1. I’m familiar with the afterglow of poetic expression, that moment when the last word has fallen into place and a poem is finished. This can indeed be followed by inertia if the process has been exhaustive and the spiritual battery needs recharging. Nice work Alex.


    1. Thank you Mike as always your support and comments are most welcome and helpful as well as an affirmation of the purpose of my writing.
      Thank you,



  2. Interesting poem, Alex. Not too sure I get the meaning behind it, but I sense a bit of frustration behind it. Broody. “Inertia is the aftermath of creative expression” – loved that line. Energy comes and goes – and I suppose a lot of the time when we feel creative in our minds, our body tells us otherwise. For me, writing ideas always hit me at night just as I’m about to turn in. Annoying.


    1. Hi Mabel, there were two things that really caught my attention in writing this piece. The first was that both inertia and entropy are one thing from human perspective and exactly the opposite from a creator’s perspective.I think this is true because the creator of the system designed it to function in its current state and each act of creativity creates a change. If entropy then is a change from order to disorder that on some level it is also a change from personal or even create a will to the state original creation or without human intervention. All in all I found the tension between faith, Inertia, and entropy to be fascinating to consider.



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