Stream of Consciousness – Unedited, 9:42pm 11/09/2014


photograph – Evelina Blagoeva

Rare so rare such happiness will come,
that in one moment makes a lifetime full,
better a lifetimes deeds with purpose done
that never dim or fade at last to ill.

I think for most, and true for me as well
our joy is gathered learning how to live.

I gather, where I find, each moments grace
to tie them like a precious strand of pearls.

Some days a smile will sooth my jaded eyes,
Or trapped in crowded traffic’s clotted lanes;
some soul in kindness stops their car to wait,
to set me freely on my way again.

first love’s glow, a child’s birth, the bones
on which, like flesh, my satisfaction grows,
like Pride in something well and truly done
a wolf, true laughter, or a hand to hold.

Far better I should travel my way,
my eyes alight for secrets un-revealed
than sit, worry and fret my time away
forever fearing who my joy might take.


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