Leave me alone, who cannot bear the light
to shine upon the life we might have known,
If one had stood among us who dared,
but lacking one leave me to weep alone.

Some there were who were by terror seared
and paralyzed they stood in horror mute
Save one who would not turn away from love
who loving love knew of no greater fear.

Find me such a one who bearing life
will stand unbowed by what time sweeps away,
who knowing love knows those who live without,
know loss greater than any time conveys.

Spare me but one whoever it may be,
whatever color, race, gender or age
that I might wash their feet content that grace,
should leave me with a friend and unafraid.


2 thoughts on “Companion

  1. Awesome and epical poetry Alex, a rousing and impassioned call to arms. A confronting theme whose thesis is laid out in clear and inspired language (I say confronting because I am one of those who would shirk from your search). Excellent work.


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