Prayer, (after a phone call on Monday morning) unedited

True love invokes terror, secondly of future loss;
but first as it’s light, reveals my fear of my own imperfections.

Love like spring warmth,
bright days touched by perfection.
storm waters bring new growth, to both herb and weed.

Trees for shade and cactus to sustain those
compelled to journey in dry and harsh places.

Cancer in her lungs, my brother’s wife,
she surrendered her fear to learn
the love of him.
He, his home for her, that they might
comfort each other.

What understanding will you bring each,
what essence may be derived if they conquer fear;
what gain to their souls of such beauty,
that they’re life together must be consumed as the fuel of its creation?

I who have tried, wanted to be held by truth,
even before for the arms of a lover
or the esteem of those I could have surpassed in wealth.

Touch me once again with the light
that burned fear from my heart,
leaving room only for love.
And Leave, I beg you, our children
protected by grace and whole.

That we may have their hands to hold,
and their lives to treasure in our hearts,
as we leap, across the dark abyss, into your arms.