Your scent of rose, your song beyond all ken,
your light the sun of life that touched my skin,
let me awaken to your touch once more,
I close my eyes, I pray my sight restored.

Restrain my fear reveal its arrogance,
waken me to the lie that I could change,
what you bestowed before I left your hand,
untainted and unchanged it has remained.

Kindle my spirit lead my heart to grow,
to share in light the whole of life to know.
Bear me again in wonder through the night,
my soul whole by your grace, restored in sight.

Fulfilled in you let my reflected glow,
be kindled bright to heal as you will guide,
Give me the words to banish and to bless,
Send me with strength and by charity blessed.

Lend me the light to pierce the fear born dreams,
to heal the forests and the running streams,
let me reveal delight in your presence
sounding the end of fear’s long precedence.

Radiant spirit unveiled by willing joy,
you radiate a love too great to hold,
your presence is the sweetest sound of all,
your light gives lie to darkness in my soul.

Return to me and lift me once again,
I swear to bear your love without complaint,
Accepting all forgiveness has proclaimed,
to bear unending joy without restraint.

On quiet nights beneath stars whispered light,
I’ll slip away to seek a quiet grove,
To rest once more with elder and with oak,
to touch the truth you offer all to hold.

To shed these earthen shards for what remains,
revealed as starlight, mercifully unchanged,
To sing once more the words that kindle light,
the timeless paean from the heart of life,

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