Haiku #37

Those who truly love 

know no loneliness only

sun warmed solitude


5 thoughts on “Haiku #37

  1. Another great Haiku again, Alex. Those who truly love are selfless, and in return they don’t expect anything. It is by helping others and looking out for them that we find happiness. After all, the world does not revolve around us. By the way, I don’t know why your haiku text is black in color against a dark grey background…or maybe it’s my eyes.

    Hope you’ve been well, and it’s warming up where you are.

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    1. Thanks for the like. The post is actually a picture, a screenshot from where I wrote the piece on my iPhone and is supposed to be a kind of sepia tone. I have no idea why you’re seeing it on a background that is so dark. I won’t use that kind of background again until I get more input. As always I appreciate you reading my work and offering support.


    2. The photo is actually very lovely. What green grass. It’s just the text above it that’s black. Could be my eyes or computer, as mentioned. But as you said, it could be the screenshot. Love your work, Alex.

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