Lessons (In memory of WCW)

So much of what they became
In the school hallways
I knew anything of strategy
Only curiosity existed until
The tool of authority
As the wall shattered

6 thoughts on “Lessons (In memory of WCW)

  1. So true, it starts early, in school. Kids are broken down into groups, bullies, the beaten and/or shunned, the goodie two shoes, the athletes (who can fall into other categories), the brains, the artists, the motor heads, the punks, or just the regular kids. There are more categories and clicks are inevitable. It’s life. Sure, it doesn’t HAVE to be that way but it is. There are MEAN and jealous teachers who bully kids, others who prey on them, some are actual mentors, while others just show up and do their job. School is a microcosm designed to break the spirit and prepare the young for a live of slavery and allegiance to the state. But, hey, maybe that’s just my opinion. LOL I never had any problems in school. I just had fun. But I’ve been a kid and a teacher and the school system is designed to produce workers for the state. As teachers, we don’t have to do that, as long as we don’t get caught. I don’t have a teaching degree.

    Art should be at the top of the list of things that are valued and taught in school but see artists think for themselves and that means freedom and danger to the status quo, so they cut the creativity out of schools and teach war in sports and competition and anger and hatred between teams. They divide kids and use them against each there. That’s where the money goes into male sports. The Arts are an afterthought or not thought of at all.

    You learn to OBEY in school. It is the training ground for obedience to the government. It’s a place to let go of your dreams and freedom all at once. Kids need to learn how to fight the system because too many parents sit idly by and let their kids become casualties to the system. Oh, and one more thing. I taught BD kids for a time and they are only considered behavior disordered because they INSIST ON DOING THINGS THEIR OWN WAY AND THEY REFUSE TO FOLD IN THE FACE OF AUTHORITY. There’s nothing wrong with them except they won’t give in to the system. I love them. The schools and state will work to destroy them, but even though they will never fit in with the status quo, they are bloody brilliant and should be running the country. The are the scary ones because they won’t be controlled. Yay!!!!! I hope I helped the kids I taught how to fight back well enough to save them. I’ve taught at University as well. Political Science. The system really is out to get us and they do a great job of taming us and making us sit in our seats and raise our hands and be nice little robots. My kids sat on windowsills and on the floor. I sat on my desk and we talked about important things that mattered. We need a revolution in the school system. Okay, thanks for listening, to those of you who made it all the way through:) If you have kids you will be afraid to mess with the status quo (you are taught to feel that way). They use fear to trap everyone into going along with the “way things are.” Too bad. We could bring about change if only people were so afraid of giving up their chains.

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    1. I think there are fewer evil ones than I sometimes fear, and yet those who think they are protecting us from the retribution of the system teach us compliance as if it were a gift. I am touched by the passion with which you speak and the clarity of your vision. We see thing is very much in the same way. I don’t know if you’re ever on Twitter, but there is a #called magic words and will almost write of their love for that one special person, A few talk about life.
      Here is my contribution to the conversation.
      Speaking the truth word by conscious word,

      Bearing the perfect beauty revealed by the courage to believe,

      Trusting the truth enough to reveal yourself and it, responding with it no matter how frightening the situation.

      Who dares all this unwilling to give anything to a lie,
      Speaks magic words.



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