Ghost Roads

There is a grief bone deep in life

Flowing, like an underground spring,

stone deep it permeates the very earth;

rising through alien roots, 

twisted by chemistry, to flower

in poisoned soil.

There was a promise sown:

in virgin earth, under broad skies,

proclaimed by drumbeats,

honoring life’s heart; the hearts

of red children, and the thunder

of 4 million hooves.

There is a grief bone deep in me

Alone save for the echoed beats

of valiant hearts now stilled;

the painful cries of the lost

following fading pathways,

eclipsed by newer versions of

their history bone deep in me.


My thanks to those of you who have been supporting an inspiring me for years.  It has been a long time between posts recently.  After long consideration I decided to include a link to my Twitter posts on the menu. Although there are some social and political comments, interspersed are numerous pieces of haiku which I feel are some of my best.  My sincere gratitude and appreciation for every moment of your lives you have given to reading something I wrote and responding.

Lovingly, Alexander