When the people’s common creed
mouths lies to justify their greed
life spurned lust named the only need
till affluence and gold preceed
All conceptions of wonder.

The poets word, the mages curse
the cantrip in the witches verse
the dreams of men begin to bend
In Oberous the dream will end

The need for power has won our rule
bending the law to justify 
while merchant kings revel in wealth
as darkness fills their empty eyes.

Truth and faith are bought and sold
Kindness shy and averice bold
Rage sun hot and love grown cold
Darkness revered by every soul

Leave all ire put grief behind
Let light and silence fill you
Seek the world in fluid time
Let no obstacle still you

Breathe what you have ever spent
Perfect focus clear intent
With your fear and darkness spent
The golden flower will crown you.


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