Autumn light

When the last bright leaves are gone,

as autumn winds begin to blow,

 Last color lights the meadows edge,

where Tamarack and wheat grass grow.  


An Observation

  • Photo – Our lives bright blooms born of a single root,
    unshorn by those who seek, in power, truth.
  • Though truth creates all life blossom to root,
    sad fools, in seeking power, truth refute.

    In Earth Eternity

    Photo – country roads, Pinterest

    The old clocks hands are missing now,
    time measured only by the falling leaves,
    weaving dirt roads into multicolored carpets,
    celebrating autumns brief reign.

    The beauty of it’s ephemeral kingdom
    Sun-dried, frost brittled,
    each admirer’s tread hurrying it’s transition.

    Ever smaller particles, cold brittled,
    entombed by ice,
    in warming earth,will thaw in spring.

    Then, morphing into hungry soil,
    grow riotous in manic summer sun
    to drop bright fruit when summer wanes
    and so turning, begin  again.