One Life
divided by speech,
warped by uncertainty,
prejudice, and fear.

The constant duress
of economic oppression,
that, doubting love,
creates our paralysis.

Miracles are not refuge,
but the fruit of conviction,
Epiphanies are awakenings
blooming in joy.


8 thoughts on “Chimera

    1. I am touched by your comment. If indeed I am deserving I pray my rewards will be: a simple life, the chance to see my youngest grow and create her own life, the world move away from the brink of violence and ecological destruction, the dawn of an era of common interdependence, an appreciation of the natural world, and the growth of my ability as a poet to a degree where my work actively supports these goals.
      Thank you for your kindness and for taking a moment to share such a caring sentiment.

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    2. Dear Alexander, thank you and you are most deserving as well as inspiring both to me and many others. Additionally I love the Pendragon aspect so you had me with that alone! Before I saw how beautifully you expressed your thoughts♡

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