In-formed edit #1


I want to find the place where all the shapes live inside of me,

so I can take them out,choosing to shape myself as I will.

After memorizing each, I will wrap them tenderly and keep them nearby.

So, should I need one, to talk to someone who’s never found theirs,

or perhaps tried, but felt too fearful, or too naked without it;

I can unwrap one similar, and wearing a familiar shape, comfort them.

Later, removing it, put it safely away, once again free;

unconstrained, by the lines that you painted around me, and around yourself thinking to keep us safe.

I know it’s dangerous, and that, without perfect balance,

I might burn from exposure or lose myself drowning, in endless opening.

Drift away on a breeze, or fall to the sun warmed ground,

having forgotten why standing is important.

You see how easy it is to grow new lines,

from small beginning’s,tendrils of hesitation and concern.

I will go on, watchful , removing each new shape,

place each carefully away with the others,

never stopping until I fade,like the notes on a bards harp;

carried away on the wind of time.
until the very air itself

becomes the music of my breath, and I the wind.