Accretion (Easter in Progress)

My heart, like every chrysalis, must break,
freeing new life its transformation done.

For, Like a field it must be harrowed bare,
the hard earth broken to embrace new growth.

Waiting, unsure, winter seared, until;
Spring’s first warm days when all life stirring wakes.

I let the growing beauty guide my feet,
and bearing water, sing my dreams to blooms;

of every scent and shade, infused with faith,
the certainty of beauty’s silent roar

Content in knowing, that when, at last I fall,
my gathered grace returns to fertile soil,

that this is love, life undefined by need,
born of water, spirit, earth, and Sun.

Through such as I is all great beauty bred;
passed on to fragrant air the blessings pour

to reap, from each who pass, of dying less,
and leave, for each to come, of loving more.

Kara –  A true story

The joy of feeling, at last, joy
lost young, 

through a life’s work regained,

was shining in my eyes.

You touched them with your gaze,

warming in ancient remembrance.

I gently turned to leave alone

to spare the cost I would not pay,

But you were braver than you knew

and chased me when I tried escape

And heated me with honesty;

that I would give you more of life

than ever I might take away.

So simply was I undermined

my solitude revealed as fraud,

my trust returned in taunting lines,

that ran as tears along my face.
Despite the fact that you have fled

Across the land unto its end

When all you sought was granted you

And proved more than you expected.

I keep the gift you left with me

I need not ever choose between

the beauty of your company

And being true and truly me.

So lover let me call you friend.


I have had visions,
seen marvels and miracles,
even the descent of light.

I know the touch
of that song beyond beauty
that holds all things within Itself
and is itself within all things.

Perhaps it is these things,
and their effect upon me,
which brought you forth;

your spirit bright forever;
and In my love of you
an affirmation made flesh.

The beauty of a commitment
to life, to light, to timeless joy
living silently within us,

until awakening our acceptance
ofimpossible beauty.

Love gifts the giver,
as all who comprehend,
and dare welcome delight.