Kara –  A true story

The joy of feeling, at last, joy
lost young, 

through a life’s work regained,

was shining in my eyes.

You touched them with your gaze,

warming in ancient remembrance.

I gently turned to leave alone

to spare the cost I would not pay,

But you were braver than you knew

and chased me when I tried escape

And heated me with honesty;

that I would give you more of life

than ever I might take away.

So simply was I undermined

my solitude revealed as fraud,

my trust returned in taunting lines,

that ran as tears along my face.
Despite the fact that you have fled

Across the land unto its end

When all you sought was granted you

And proved more than you expected.

I keep the gift you left with me

I need not ever choose between

the beauty of your company

And being true and truly me.

So lover let me call you friend.


3 thoughts on “Kara –  A true story

  1. Sounds like a bittersweet poem, Alex. I’m guessing it’s got to do with something or someone we want, but perhaps the time is not right. One chases the other, and that amounts to nothing. But maybe it is for the better in the meantime until the time is right…and we can hold on to the memories we currently have.

    Hope all is well, Alex, and spring has come knocking.

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    1. All is well here and spring is a gradually coming. We have had several incredibly beautiful 60° days.
      The poem is about a young woman who made it clear to me she wanted to be with me. At the time she was about 20 years younger than I and so I was hesitant to be anything but friends. After we had been friends for a while she told me that she loved me and would get more gifts by being with me than she could ever repay.
      Her statement was very prophetic. I hope her discuss and begin to heal from the memory of a very early assault. The perpetrator had threatened to kill her family if she told anyone. After a few months she was falling in love with me and became terrified of being in love with an older person. I understood this perfectly and had expected it as the reasonable and healthy outcome. Despite the fact that I told her she should pursue her own life and that I was happy for her she panicked and went all the way across the country. Six months later she wrote me a letter stating that she had gotten terrified, A short time later she returned to our state and we have been friends ever cents. She has since married and has a son who is the joy of her life.


    2. Thank you for sharing, Alex. The poem and the sentiment that comes with it fits your romantic experience very well. You write poetry very well. Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out between you and her, but it does sound like she is happy where she is. Love in the romantic can be a funny thing, and it often knows no boundaries.


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