Accretion (Easter in Progress)

My heart, like every chrysalis, must break,
freeing new life its transformation done.

For, Like a field it must be harrowed bare,
the hard earth broken to embrace new growth.

Waiting, unsure, winter seared, until;
Spring’s first warm days when all life stirring wakes.

I let the growing beauty guide my feet,
and bearing water, sing my dreams to blooms;

of every scent and shade, infused with faith,
the certainty of beauty’s silent roar

Content in knowing, that when, at last I fall,
my gathered grace returns to fertile soil,

that this is love, life undefined by need,
born of water, spirit, earth, and Sun.

Through such as I is all great beauty bred;
passed on to fragrant air the blessings pour

to reap, from each who pass, of dying less,
and leave, for each to come, of loving more.


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