Visions 6.20. 2017 #3

Lilac blooms hosting‬
‪A tangle of butterflies‬
‪laughter without sound‬


One thought on “Visions 6.20. 2017 #3

  1. Hi ALex, Love—

    In getting ready to write you back, I came upon a trove ! of your Haïku-s which were mis-sent to something called All Mail . (I’ve been told not to touch it, but it’s captured many of my emails!).

    IT’s too late to see more for now, but tomorrow I shall have lots to say about them. THey look delicious.

    I’ve also read you Secrets.txt. It’s ok. What are your thoughts on it?

    More tomorrow.

    Sleep tight if you’re still up.

    I’m crashing now.


    Your Mom


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