My thoughts today, or perhaps it is a poem, I shall have to wait and see:

Our voices: contentious, polarized,
as if our force expended, in any direction,
could somehow shift the balance into peace.

Let me stand in stillness
Following nothing, but the flow of my own breath,
acknowledging the perfection,
Sifting down from heaven like light.

I had forgotten
that it is not I who creates peace
nor I who must find every solution.
I have only to walk on the road that is given,
the one that appears before me,
when I follow my breath, instant by instant,
Into the future the creator has given me.

3 thoughts on “TAO

  1. I appreciate you taking the time to read my post. It is amazing how much I bought my self I have had to face in order to forgive myself enough and put away enough of my fear to realize that my life is a gift and there is a road I have been given to walk.
    Travel well,

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