The Patient Wolf – Symbol of individuality and pack loyalty, fierce and nurturing.

More People get lost than you would expect. Most have never been taught and so don’t know what’s right. I have people ask me questions like: how do I know if I’m happy, can you teach me how to feel my sadness, I don’t understand why I’m always angry, can you tell me anything that will help.

Wolves don’t talk, they act. They guard and guide the pack to keep it safe and well fed.  They are connected to life by their nature. Contrary to the distorted images presented to people to justify slaughtering wolves who occasionally ate livestock as their free range became crowded by settlers, wolves are not aggressive towards people unless compelled to protect themselves or starving.

In this blog poetry is the whisper of meaning and beauty that has touched my life.  My hope is that it will move you into a place where you will feel more fully, more connected, and more fulfilled.  I hope something you read will help you learn things that lead you to grow in new ways.