My thoughts today, or perhaps it is a poem, I shall have to wait and see:

Our voices: contentious, polarized,
as if our force expended, in any direction,
could somehow shift the balance into peace.

Let me stand in stillness
Following nothing, but the flow of my own breath,
acknowledging the perfection,
Sifting down from heaven like light.

I had forgotten
that it is not I who creates peace
nor I who must find every solution.
I have only to walk on the road that is given,
the one that appears before me,
when I follow my breath, instant by instant,
Into the future the creator has given me.



My mind is imperious

watching, analyzing, critiquing.

an overzealous guardian.

This monarch of my life,

certain that everything, beyond its control,

is it least error, and more likely betrayal.

I love it when sleep, silences it’s machinations;

for always in its absence,

a flowering of bliss.



When we begin we are innocent and whole. In the best cases we begin in a atmosphere of love.  Before long however we are placed in a situation where the truth of our feelings must remain subservient to our obedience, first to parents, then to schools, later to employers. This is the soul killing truth of inequality and the true sin of those who grow rich treating others unfairly.

It is as if capitalism has become a religion; A religion that places no value on the spirit and soul and thus absolves itself of the necessity to provide for them.

In order to have any time, to be ourselves, or even learn to be ourselves, we must give away most of it to earn a living.



My mind is imperious

Watching, analyzing, critiquing


This monarch of my life

certain that everything,

beyond its comprehension

or control,

Is it least error

and likely betrayal.

I love it when he sleeps

beyond all his machinations

and imagined solutions

despite the absence of his guidance

a bit of bliss.


He does not so much speak the word as throw it like a rock.

As if one characteristic reduced all who share it to a single dimenson..

Loves, struggles, losses, change and growth denied

They are somehow invisible to his eyes.

One dimensional, every aspect of their beings reduced until there is only

Shining darkness

A state of mind

Since 2016, The greatest portion of my thoughts have been clouded by a sense of impending danger.

One of the results of this is that I find myself, literally, hungry for good news. I suspect I’m not the only one who feels this way and so I am going to share some good news.

A number of years ago my youngest daughter, who I raised as a single parent, moved across the country. In her second year away my granddaughter was born. From the time she moved I have been able to see her and speak to her, and my granddaughter. I visit twice a year and in the months between we frequently FaceTime and share everything from new toys to bedtime stories. Today’s technology has allowed us to remain part of each other’s lives in a way that has never been possible until this decade.

I recently turned 70. The children are grown and I have retired. Being single, and living in an extremely rural area, I spent a great deal of my time alone. I can only imagine what people in my situation felt before cell phones, FaceTime, zoom, and all the other ways in which we are now connected, were possible.

Now let’s see how connected we can stay❤️